Tooth Enamel Loss Prevention Tips

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Tooth Enamel Loss Prevention Tips
Your teeth are protected with a solid coat of enamel, which is very essential to the protection of teeth from rot and pain. The enamel is very delicate despite the fact that it is the hardest substance of the body. It’s a semi clear, hard outer-coating that guards your teeth from daily usage. Unfortunately, the more your enamel wears away, the higher the chance that your teeth will be prone to cavities and rotting. Another negative symptom is sensitivity to certain drinks, sugar, and hot or cold foods. There are various factors that can make it wear away - ranging from the amount of power used to brush, to the type of food consumed. Due to the fact that the enamel is irreplaceable, your best bet is to follow our tips to help avoid losing it.  

Avoid Soda

Soda might possess a sweet and satisfying taste, however it's not good for your teeth’s enamel. Most soft drinks are composed of sugar which encourages the replication of decay-causing organisms. Bacteria in your mouth blooms on sugar, and they produce acids that can erode the enamel. Even consumption of unsweetened fizzy beverages, similar to seltzer, can cause tooth enamel loss due to their acidity level. Getting rid of your penchant for soda can be difficult, however, you have other healthy options such as unsweetened tea and water. Sooner or later, you will hopefully get over your soda habit.  

Control the Citrus intake

It is popularly said that too much of anything good is bad. This also applies to your dental health. Despite the fact that oranges have high vitamins and minerals, they are also very acidic. Your teeth can be affected by excessive consumption of oranges, grapefruits or refreshments seasoned with lemon juice. Remember you don't need to totally avoid citrus. You simply need to avoid over-consumption. Most importantly, drink water regularly to wash away the acidic juices.  

Go for Dairy

Some meals wear out your enamel, though others develop it back (as long as it hasn't been lost completely). According to studies, cheese and related dairy items help secure your teeth in two different ways. In the first place, eating cheese produces saliva, which helps wash away trash and acidic deposit after eating. Cheese is additionally high in calcium and phosphate, both of which can help remineralize enamel that has turned out to be weaker.  

Have a Good Oral Care Routine

Try to be gentle whilst brushing your teeth. Brushing too intensely can cause enamel wear-off. A soft brush such is recommended if you are concerned about enamel loss. It's also a smart idea to flush your mouth out with water after a meal or before brushing your teeth.  

Contact Your Dentist

Most importantly, one of the vital means of protecting your teeth’s enamel is to visit your dental specialist. He or she can diagnose any enamel problem and offer tips on means of tackling it. If you are in need of assistance, then contact your local dentist today!

* Newmarket Dentist provides general information only. Our aim is to provide the most accurate information possible, but we do not take responsibility for any errors. In order to get the best results it is important to consult with your dentist or health care professional for further information, diagnosis or treatment.