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Newmarket is a town located in southern Ontario, Canada that, like many other Canadian towns, first developed from the farming communities that previously resided in the area. The railway helped to move the town along in creating a downtown and bringing more business to the area. During WWII there was a basic training camp setup where thousands of soldiers destined for the war passed through the town. The town experience significant growth in the post-war development era (1950’s) when new subdivisions were built at exponential rates. This doubled the population from 5000 to 11,000 in just 20 years. Today the town’s population is about 85,000 and is a primarily residential area, with commuting ability via the 400 and 404 highways.


Main Street

Although new developments riddle the town, the main street in Newmarket has been preserved to the best of the town’s ability which has created a beautifully picturesque historical district reminiscent of the town’s past. The town has always been a market town (hence Newmarket) which contributed to the development of the main street. In 2016, the Canadian Institute of Planners awarded the main street with the 2016 People’s Choice “Best Street” award!


New Expansion

In recent years the town’s growth has been paired with an expansion of services available, facilities being built, and programs that can accommodate the different needs of its residents. Many new commercial centres have been built to meet the growing demands of the population. This is in part due to new industry entering the area, which has increased job opportunity for all.


Newmarket Celebrities

Some notable people who came from the Newmarket area include: actor and comedian Jim Carrey, former Cabinet Minister and Chief Justice William Mulock, country musician Steven Lee Olsen, drummer for the Barenaked Ladies Tyler Stewart, the rock band Tokyo Police Club – and more!


Newmarket Today

Today, Newmarket is a wonderful place to reside. There are several lovely landscaped parks and outdoor spaces for people to enjoy during all seasons. There are many recreational facilities, schools, and other services that improve quality of life for its residents.


Proud to be in Newmarket

We are happy to service the Town of Newmarket in providing a way to sift through the large number of dental services available, and find the clinic that best fits the needs of you and your family. You can search our Newmarket dentist directory to find dental providers in Newmarket that would be happy to take on you and your family. We are proud to be a part of the wonderful Newmarket community and love contributing to make the town a better place.

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