How to Reduce Your Anxiety at the Dentist Office

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How to Reduce Your Anxiety at the Dentist Office
Does the thought of visiting the dentist office make you break out into a cold sweat? Maybe you are worried that your visit will be painful, or that your dentist will discover a lot of issues that you are not prepared to correct right now. Regardless of the reasons, any good dentist will be able to soothe your fears about treatment before you ever sit in the examination chair. The longer you avoid a dental visit, the higher your chances are of developing even worse oral issues that may require lengthy treatment. Visiting a dentist on a regular basis can prevent serious dental problems, and make your whole oral care process easier from start to finish. Here is a list of tips to help reduce your anxiety in preparation for your next dental office visit.

Create a Distraction

Usually running away from your problems is the worst way to go about solving them, but in this case, running away from thinking about your treatment can help you get through it much easier. Consider putting on some tunes while your treatment is being completed, as this will help your mind focus on something other than what’s going on in your mouth. Many dental offices have television screens playing at eye level or installed above the chair to keep patients distracted. You can also keep your hands busy by carrying a stress ball or meditation beads to fidget with while you are attending your appointment.


It’s important to talk about what you are feeling when you face anxiety. A big part of getting rid of your trepidation is by talking about it. It is alright to share your concerns, thoughts, and fears about why you are uncomfortable going to the dentist. Putting your feelings into words will help your dental team create a plan that is centered around your specific needs. Make sure you inform your dental care provider about your anxiety, at the time you book your appointment and you should inform the receptionist so the dentist will be prepared when you arrive. They can also work with you on strategies to cope, or in some cases, offer a mild sedative to help you get through your appointment. Always ask questions during your visit, having access to information often has a calming effect since you will know what’s going on, and what to expect. Don’t be afraid to take a break in the middle of your treatment if you are feeling overwhelmed. If there is any pain during your treatment, tell your dentist right away.

Employ Mindfulness Techniques

Anxiety is a state of mind, and so is relaxation. Being that both states are controlled by your way of thinking, you can try to bring yourself into a sense of calm through various relaxation techniques. Breathe deeply to ease the stress in your muscles while you wait for your appointment time. When you are sitting in the dentist chair, anytime there is a break in your exam, resume your breathing exercises to maintain inner peace. Dedicate your treatment time to thinking about each part of your body, and then relaxing each part. Start from the top and work your way down. You will be done in no time! Find a dentist in Newmarket to book your next appointment with on our website today!

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