7 Ways Orthodontists Can Amplify Interdisciplinary Treatment

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7 Ways Orthodontists Can Amplify Interdisciplinary Treatment
The last few years have seen a higher demand for aesthetic appeal and appearance, especially with adults and orthodontics, than any other decade. With the amplified awareness of malocclusion, advances in treatments, dental appliances, and materials, adults are receiving much more voluntary dental care than they have in previous years.  To ensure, enhance, and amplify the quality of care you’re receiving, take these 7 steps for increasing interdisciplinary treatment put together by the Newmarket Dentist. 

Creating a Planned Approach for Treatment 

When there’s a defined treatment plan, the person receiving dental care will know exactly what’s going on, what potential complications they may see, as well as price and planning. Along with an accurate diagnosis, the beginning of a wonderful dental treatment should occur. One of the primary goals that should come out of a diagnostic process is a comprehensive list along with a process to resolve these issues. In order to do this, the following steps take place: 
  • Identify any characteristic of malocclusion 
  • Create a concise database of information based on the patient’s history, examination, and diagnostic records 
  • Make sure to have thorough knowledge on hand  
  • Define the problem to create a better treatment strategy 

Setting Clear Goals 

Going hand in hand with creating a planned approach, it’s important to always have clear goals set for patients. Doing so will allow the patient to know what’s going on and what the end goal with treatment will be. The planned approach should have the most problematic issues at the top, while working on the minor things last. 

Recognizing That It’s More About Aesthetics 

It’s no secret that the appearance of teeth will heighten after treatment, but it shouldn’t be cosmetic first, problem resolution second. It should be the other way around! Focus more on the treatment and getting better before focusing on aesthetics. 

Using Various Dental Treatments to Correct Gaps 

Whether the gum loss was due to periodontal disease or not, using orthodontic treatments can reduce the space between teeth and stabilize teeth that have seen gum loss. 

Orthodontics Can Improve Implant Areas 

Those that have received implants of any sort can receive non-invasive orthodontic extrusion. Modern dentistry with cutting edge technology can implement these methods to give you a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing smile. 

Optimize and Enhance Pre-Restorative Ortho 

This next one depends widely on the type of restorative treatment planned for patients. If you’re repositioning any teeth, timely intervention is key, or else the dentition will deteriorate significantly. 

Custom Orthodontics for Tooth Movement  

In a cosmetically vain society, the placement of teeth is extremely important. Those with gaps or oddly placed teeth can have these fixed with ease now that there are non-invasive treatments and modern technology in orthodontics. 

* Newmarket Dentist provides general information only. Our aim is to provide the most accurate information possible, but we do not take responsibility for any errors. In order to get the best results it is important to consult with your dentist or health care professional for further information, diagnosis or treatment.