5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Dentist

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5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome the Fear of Dentist
Going to the dentist can be unpleasant for many people – especially children. However, there are many ways to make them get used to the dentist and not be afraid to sit in the big chair. The following tips will help you encourage your children to discover that there is nothing to fear and going to the dentist can be a quick, simple and pleasant activity. Be patient, talk with your children and you will realize that your example and your help can make the difference when the time comes to go to the dentist.

Be Their Example

When talking about the dentist, always speak in a happy way and let this subject be something positive in your home. You need to be their example! It is easier for a child to understand that going to the dentist is a healthy habit when they grow up in an environment in which the family brushes their teeth, floss regularly and visits the dentist. Children will often copy your behavior, and if mom or dad do not do something, why should they? Remember: you will always be their example!

Do Not Scare Them

Don’t tell scary stories about what happens if they do not brush their teeth, or you will make them understand that oral health may be something to be feared. Rather, they need to understand that taking care of their teeth can be pleasurable and fun! If you think it’s necessary, hold their hands while in the dentist's chair or let them bring their favorite toy or doll. Turning your Newmarket dental clinic into a welcoming environment is essential to make your child feel comfortable. Always talk to the dentist if your child is scared or afraid, because he can help you to help your children overcome any fears they might have.

Start Early

Don’t wait for your child to have a tooth problem before going to the dentist. You can start taking them with you when you go, so that they will see that there is nothing to fear. Moreover, it is always important to take care of their teeth – even when they are still young!

Keep Calm

Children can become very nervous and scared when going to the dentist, but you always need to stay calm. Do not talk loud or don’t fight with them over going to the dentist or they will always remember that as a bad experience – instead, keep calm and be patient. Explain why it is important and how going to the dentist can be good for their health. A trip to the dentist need to be as simple as any trivial task and if you want to, you can even take them to buy a toy or to play in the park right after the dentist.

Do a Q&A at Home

Children often are afraid of the "unknown", so it is important that you answer their questions and solve any doubts about the dentist. Talk to them at home, find out what they fear and what they think about the dentist – and do your best to answer their questions. As they understand more about it, they will feel less scared and will have fewer reasons to be afraid. These tips will hopefully help your children to see the dentist in a positive way and will encourage them to take care of their oral health. Stay positive and good luck!

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